Wheelock Creek Falls

at Drift Creek

Spring Azure Butterflies on the bank

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - wide spot, 100m el.

GPS - Wheelock Crk Falls, 80m el.

Wheelock Crk Falls - Near and Far View

Photograph specifics: speed 1/125, ISO100, lens 24mm, aperture 4, polarizer
Photograph specifics: speed 0.3, ISO100, lens 55mm, aperture 18, polarizer, tripod

Wheelock Creek Falls is east of Waldport.
Wheelock Creek Falls is in a spendid setting. It flows down a very tall hill on the other side of Drift Creek
and splashes into Drift Creek. A large evergreen tree (natural umbrella) sits rooted on the bank.
There are signs of development on N. May Road. However, access to the falls is via a road blocked
from motorized access. Access to this grand cataract shouldn't disappear - unlike some places.

  1. mile past the Alsea River Bridge at the north end of Waldport turn east onto N. Bayview Road (aka 702)
  2. In six miles (four paved) keep right at a fork in the road
    (short distance past the fork there is a "Private Road" sign - apparently for Bayview Road - goal is May Road)
  3. In another 0.6 miles turn right onto N. May Road
  4. After 1.2 miles you will reach a wide spot on the left - park here
  5. Down and to the left is a road converted into a hiking trail with a guardrail across it
  6. In a mile you will reach another wide spot with a trail sign leading to the right
  7. Just follow the sound of the falls
I got sidetracked a couple of times on the walk back from the trail. There are quite a number of sidetrails
in the area so make mental notes of which trail was accessed. Luckily the trail leads downward at all times,
so just make sure you're walking upwards on the way back and you will find the main trail again.

Photograph specifics: sports, shutter speed 1/1000 & 1/1250, ISO400, lens 90mm

The in-flight picture was captured with the Spring Azure butterfly just a few inches off the ground. Its shadow is just below.
They fly quite fast in and out of the frame. Only way I could capture them was to look through the viewfinder
and press the button to take a succession of pictures. Luck was instrumental for the in-flight picture.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/wheelock.htm