Snow Crk Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Photograph specifics: shutter 1/13, ISO100, lens 22mm, aperture 11

Snow Creek Falls is west of Santiam Pass
GPS N44 23.633', W122 10.638', Elevation above sea level 3800 ft.

  1. Southbound I-5: Exit onto Hwy 20 at Albany and head east. You will
    pass through Lebanon and Sweethome.
  2. Northbound I-5: Exit onto Hwy 34 and head east. Upon reaching Lebanon
    follow all signs showing "Hwy 20", "Sweethome".
  3. Halfway between mileposts 61 and 62 on Hwy 20 stop at a wide area
    of road near where a "Snow Creek" sign is posted.
  4. The one pictured above (E. Fork) is 200 feet up the road from the sign (W. Fork)
Try to stay on the reddish gravel when walking up the side of the road.
Stepping on the sandy areas will only get your shoes and socks silty.