Siuslaw Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS Siuslaw Falls, 170 meters el.

Siuslaw Falls with azure sky
Month: January

Siuslaw Falls is south of Eugene.


  1. On HWY 126 / W. 11th Avenue in Eugene head south on Bertelsen Road (reset trip odometer) - eventually becomes Lorane Hwy
  2. Travel 12.4 miles, then turn left onto Territorial Road
  3. In 5.8 miles you will reach Lorane - turn right onto Siuslaw Road
  4. 8.7 miles turn right at sign for Siuslaw Falls Road 20-6-1 (after a bridge)
  5. 0.4 miles park near the short vertical columns
  6. Staircase trail to the base of the falls is to the right

Half mile down that road park at a widespot on the road near some vertical pillars (total distance from W. 11th is 27.5 miles)
Park has a couple of picnic tables but no other facilities. Flow is seasonal. Note the fish ladder on the right.

Spotted this Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly in flight near the falls - just before it left the view of the camera.
See the bulge of its eyes at the side of its head?

Photograph specifics: sports, shutter speed 1/1600, ISO400, lens 90mm, aperture 10