Siuslaw Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Siuslaw Falls with azure sky
Month: January

Siuslaw Falls is south of Eugene.
GPS N43 51.279', W123 21.882', Elevation above sea level 560 ft.

  1. On W. 11th Avenue in Eugene head south on Bailey Hill Road (reset trip odometer)
  2. After 1.5 miles, at stop sign, turn left to remain on Bailey Hill Road (becomes Lorane Highway)
  3. In another three miles continue straight (instead of right) where there is a sign for Lorane
  4. 8 miles later turn left at stop sign for junction with Territorial Road
  5. In another 6 miles enter Lorane
  6. At the end of town - where the main road branches left, bear right onto Siuslaw Road (note milepost 44 left side of road)
  7. About 8 miles later - and half mile past milepost 36 - turn right onto Siuslaw Falls Road 20-6-1 (after a bridge)

Half mile down that road park at a widespot on the road near some vertical pillars (total distance from W. 11th is 27.5 miles)
Park has a couple of picnic tables but no other facilities. Flow is seasonal. Note the fish ladder on the right.

Spotted this Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly in flight near the falls - just before it left the view of the camera.
See the bulge of its eyes at the side of its head?

Photograph specifics: sports, shutter speed 1/1600, ISO400, lens 90mm, aperture 10