Shelter Falls on Middle Fork Santiam River

w/large Swimming Hole

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Insect Junction, 1.13km el.

GPS - Road 646, 800m el.

GPS - Trail Start, 725m el.

GPS - Shelter Falls and Pool, 630m el.

Shelter Falls w/swimming hole . . . . . . . . you can see to the bottom

Shelter Falls is east of Sweethome.

Directions: note - 12.7 miles of gravel

  1. 0.3 miles past milepost 52 on HWY 20 turn north onto gravel Soda Fork Rd (aka #2041)
  2. Reset your trip odometer
  3. At 7.6 miles you will reach the Insect Junction (six legs) - head straight through to remain on #2041
  4. In another 4.4 miles (total 12) you will reach a 3-way junction -Road 646 is the middle one
    (it is marked with a hiker symbol, Chimney Peak Trail and #646 signs)
  5. 0.7 miles down Road #646 park at a widened area of gravel for the Trail Start
  6. 7/10th of a mile down trail #3382 you will encounter a 3-sided shelter - Shelter Falls and its large pool is nearby
No rest or picnic facilities.