Waterfalls - Salem Region

Mt. Jefferson, Elevation 10497 ft.
As viewed from a position 23 miles WNW of the mountain

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Scott's Mills Region

Silver (Creek) Falls State Park
northeast of Salem (does not actually have a 'Silver Falls')
Note: Day Use Fee applies - Northwest Forest Pass will not work for a state park.

GPS North Falls parking, 370 meter el.

GPS Winter Falls parking, 340 meter el.

GPS South Falls parking, 305 meter el.

Waterfalls on North Fork Silver Creek

Waterfalls on South Fork Silver Creek

Mehama Region

Detroit Lake Region

Effort Index
Distance < 300ft with little or no inclines
Distance > 300ft with some inclines
Distance < 0.5 mile with inclines
Distance > 0.5 mile with switchbacks
Inclines = stairs or sloping terrain
Switchbacks = trail going one way then switching direction to go up/down a hill

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/salem.htm