Sahalie Falls + Rainbow

Photographer: G. Price

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Sahalie Falls is east of Springfield.
GPS N44 20.942', W121 59.813', Elevation above sea level 2850 ft.
  1. From I-5 exit onto I-105 and head east to Springfield
  2. At second light turn left onto Hwy 126 (note milepost numbers
    increasing as you head east on 126).
  3. Few miles past McKenzie Bridge is the junction for Hwy 242 near
    milepost 54. Continuing on Hwy 126 the milepost numbers do an odd thing -
    they restart at milepost 19 and start to decrease.
  4. Near milepost 5 on Hwy 126 turn left at sign for Sahalie Falls.
A purplish flower near the log fence with Sahalie Falls in the background.

Before Sahalie's entrance is the entrance to Koosah Falls.
These two falls are also linked to a common path. 1/10th mile south of
Sahalie you will encounter Lower Sahalie Falls