Ralph A. Petersen Tunnel Falls in Winter

Photographer: G. Price

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View of the north falls - then the south falls - at the east side of the Ralph A. Petersen Tunnel

View looking west at the tunnel with the south and north falls to each side.

These two ephemeral falls are east of Mapleton.
GPS N45 0.622', W123 45.854', Elevation above sea level 550 ft.

Traveling directly between Florence and Eugene on Highway 126 you will encounter
a tunnel named in honor of Ralph A. Petersen, whom was instrumental in causing this
tunnel to exist. I've driven through the tunnel many times before but never noticed
the waterfall pair on each side of Hwy 126. The waterfalls are therefore ephemeral.
I am including them since they have a grand visual impact with the tunnel in the center.
The tunnel and the waterfall pair are near milepost 20, with the falls on the east side.

For reference, the tunnel is also known as Knowles Creek Tunnel (creek on west side of tunnel).
Topo maps are not specific but the north falls may be a temporary tributary of Turner Creek.

URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/raptf.htm