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Rental restrictions on my car prevented me from going over Arthur's Pass in late September.
Luckily it said nothing about Lewis Pass where I found Five Mile Creek Falls on State Highway 7.
There will be more entries in the future.

Five Mile Creek Falls east of Lewis Pass

A nearby cascade seen on the way to Five Mile Creek Falls

Sign on left side of the road leading to Five Mile Creek Falls

Directions: It is highly advisable to get city maps and road maps of the areas of interest to keep
from getting lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Distances are listed in km due to odometer setup.
Round signs with numbers are the speed limits for that part of the motorway.
You drive on the left side. 100kph (62 mph) is a common speed for the open road.

Distance to Five Mile Creek Falls is as shown on the sign.
There will be one switchback on a rising trail.