Waterfalls - McKay Crossing Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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McKay Crossing Falls

McKay Crossing Falls is east of Lapine.

  1. From I-5 take exit 188A for HWY 58
  2. On HWY 58 near milepost 73 turn left at sign for Davis Lake Junction/HWY97
  3. This will put you onto Crescent Cutoff Road (cuts off 11 miles on your trip)
  4. In twelve miles you will enter Crescent - turn left onto HWY 97 North
  5. In 24 miles - past milepost 162 - turn right at sign for Newberry Caldera/Paulina Lake
  6. In 3 miles turn left at sign for McKay Crossing Campground
  7. 2.2 jaw-rattling miles later there will be a 'road closed' sign
  8. Campground has a self service pay station at the entrance to the left of the blocked bridge
  9. Nearby a "Falls" sign says 500 ft distance
Paulina Creek Falls is farther up the main road.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/mckay.htm