Marion Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Marion Falls is east of Salem.
GPS3 N44 33.988', W121 52.541', Elevation above sea level 4020 ft.

Trail starting point to reach Marion Falls...
GPS1 N44 34.606', W121 53.658', Elevation above sea level 3342 ft.

Branch off of Trail #3495 to Marion Falls
GPS2 N44 33.985', W121 52.331', Elevation above sea level 4120 ft.

Directions: Two routes
  1. Once on Marion Crk Rd note your odometer reading or reset your trip odometer.
  2. Count up 4.5 miles to the trail starting point (GPS1). Northwest Forest Pass required.
  3. You will pass Lake Ann about 1.5 miles up the trail. You will need to
    traverse several boulders near Lake Ann on the path to Marion Falls.
  4. A little over a quarter mile from Lake Ann the path forks.
    Take the right fork marked #3495.
  5. About 0.1 mile from that fork look for a very faint trail off to the
    right of the main trail (you know you've past it when you see a minor
    mountain of huge boulders to the left - head back).(GPS2)
  6. Once on this trail look for a slightly obvious path as you head
    for the sound of water. It would be helpful to leave marks like arrows
    on the ground or other indicators to help find your way back. A lot of
    fallen trees make it hard to see the trail coming back.
  7. Once you see water turn to the right above the bank and walk parallel
    to the water (downstream). You will reach a precarious overlook in 100 yards.(GPS3)
Vault toilet available at trail start.
Pass Lake Ann on the way to Marion Falls.
Pass Gooch Falls on the way to Marion Falls.