Linton Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Viewpoint, 1km el.

GPS - Linton Falls, 1.3km el.

Photograph specifics (month = August):
Zoomed in - sports; 1/200; aperture 5.6; ISO400; 300mm; polarizer; tripod
Panoramic - sports; 1/800; aperture 5.6; ISO400; 55mm; polarizer; tripod

Linton Falls is east of Springfield.
The multi-tier waterfall can be heard from the viewpoint mentioned above - one mile from the falls.

Call 1-503-588-2941 for road condition information for route 242 (McKenzie Bridge).
This road is generally closed for many months. Access to the falls is within the
first eleven miles of the junction with Hwy 126. Certain sections may open sooner
than the entire length of route 242.

Directions: Sign at the parking area and the trail start across the road:

After 1.2 miles you will reach a point on the trail where you are near Linton Lake.
Walk down to the lake and follow its border south an additional 0.2 miles.
The very best viewpoint I could find is at the GPS listed above (viewing distance to falls is 1 mile).