Lemolo Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Lemolo Falls, 1.14km el.

Lemolo Falls Route 1 & Lemolo Falls Route 2

Lemolo Falls is east of Roseburg near Diamond Lake.
Directions (common to both paths): There are two paths you could take to reach Lemolo Falls.

Route 1 is a head-on view.
  1. Reset your trip odometer as you get onto Road 2610
  2. Counting up to around 4 miles turn left onto Thorn Prairie Road #3401 (gravel)
  3. In less than mile turn right onto Lemolo Falls Road #800 (gravel)
  4. In 1.8 miles turn right onto Trail #1468*** (dirt)
  5. In 0.1 mile park at the wide area near the trail sign
  6. On the trail, in mile note the trail sign and go right
  7. Shortly after that you will reach a fork in the path - go right
  8. You will see a sign "Lemolo Falls mile" - trail steepens downward
*** For low ground clearance vehicles it would be easy to high-center.

Route 2 is a side view, but involves walking on a precarious overhang to view.
  1. Reset your trip odometer as you get onto Road 2610
  2. Follow this road for five miles across a bridge and bear left at signs
    for Lemolo Falls.
  3. In another 0.8 miles note a bridge to the left with a small parking area
    near the sign for the path to "Lemolo Falls - 1.7 miles".
  4. Trail to Lemolo Falls has some rise and fall in elevation for the 1.7 miles
  5. It will get louder (thunderous) as you approach Lemolo from the side
  6. From the trail the view is obstructed - carefully walking out onto
    an overhang offered the best view from the side
Route 2 shares the road to Warm Spring Falls

There are no facilities.
URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/lemolo.htm