Lower Downing Creek Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Lower Downing Creek Falls is east of Salem.
GPS N44 34.579', W121 58.967', Elevation above sea level 2700 ft.

  1. From Salem: Head east on HWY 22
  2. 0.7 miles from milepost 69 (i.e. MP 69.7) turn left onto an unmarked dirt road
    (this path is very difficult to see due to it being below eye level)
  3. You will have a brief sensation of driving off a cliff as you descend the slope
  4. The best way to get into and out of the campground is to stay to the right when going down -
    stay to the left when going back up (recommend 45 angle both ways to prevent high-centering)

There is no protected left turn on this busy highway, so exercise caution.
As reference, this hard-to-spot campground is between the green "Downing Creek" sign and milepost 70.
The scenery in this campground is amazing.

Restaurant is near junction of HWY 22 and Marion Creek Road.

Road to Upper Downing Creek Falls is nearby.
URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/ldowning.htm