Upper/Lower Kentucky Falls

plus North Fork Falls on N. Fork Smith River

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - N. Fork Falls, 245m el.

Upper Kentucky Falls & North Fork Falls w/rainbow

Here's a visual treat - North Fork Falls & Lower Kentucky Falls are twins!

Kentucky Falls is between Mapleton and Walton.

  1. Access to falls is via Hwy 126 west of Eugene
  2. Six miles west of Walton turn south onto Siuslaw River road.
    (aka Whittaker Creek recreation area - nearby sign on HWY 126 says "Austa")
  3. 350 feet down a right sweeping curve turn left at the
    T-intersection (sign to Whittaker Creek and Clay Creek Rec. areas)
  4. At a distance of 1.6 miles turn right at sign for Kentucky Falls and Whittaker Crk Rec Area
  5. Another 1.6 miles (total 3.2) there will be a left turn onto Dunn Ridge Road
    aka BLM 28.1 with a sign for Kentucky Falls (at least there was a sign before an
    idiot with a shotgun blew most of the sign away
  6. Ten miles further on this winding section will be a T-intersection.
    Turn right to get on Forest Road 23
  7. Another 2.8 miles is Kentucky Falls recreation area. Picnic table
    and rest facilities are available.
Across the road from the rest area is the trail leading to the falls.
Upper Kentucky Falls is at 3/4 mile from the trail start. Lower
Kentucky Falls - and its twin - North Fork Falls are at the 2 mile mark.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/kentucky.htm