Hardesty Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Hardesty Falls (unofficially named for nearby mountain) is west of Oakridge.
Trail start GPS N43 51.086', W122 39.703', Elevation above sea level 955 ft.
Hardesty Falls GPS N43 50.432', W122 40.54', Elevation above sea level 960 ft.
  1. From I-5 take exit 188A for HWY 58
  2. Near milepost 21 - past a bridge - park at the paved area (with vault toilet) on the right.
    Trail start is at the back of the parking area.
  3. About a quarter mile down the trail turn right onto Goodman Trail #3461A
  4. In about two miles you'll reach a fork in the trail (below). Go left towards the sound of water.
    You'll walk under a low golden moss-covered canopy.

For a small waterfall it is in a picturesque location.

If you take the right fork and head down the trail a short distance you'll encounter a hewn log bridge.
Before crossing look to the left at Lower Hardesty Falls (a blocked view of Goodman Creek Falls
is 0.25 miles past the bridge).

Local Flora - Trillium

URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/hardesty.htm