Gunaldo Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Gunaldo Falls is west of McMinnville.
Falls GPS N45 6.03', W123 46.05', Elevation above sea level 580 ft.
Hwy 22 wide spot GPS N45 6', W123 46.08', Elevation above sea level 580 ft.

Halfway to the coast on either HWY 18 (McMinnville) or HWY 22 (Salem),
the two highways briefly combine.

Yamhill County has no trail to this cataract. It requires a careful scramble down the slope to get to it.
Road 2234 apparently swings near the unnamed creek. However, attempting a viewing from that road
would be fruitless. The terrain sweeps upward and to the east of the falls in a steep manner - no footing.

When the ground is a little drier on the slopes I will attempt a better camera angle.

Flow is seasonal, but apparently is year-round.

Cosper Crk Falls is on HWY 22 near Valley Junction