Waterfalls - Columbia Gorge

picture of red columbine
Red Columbine

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link to Lower Latourell link to Upper Latourell link to Shepperd's Dell link to Bridal Veil link to Wahkeena/Necktie link to Multnomah Falls link to Horsetail Falls link to Fairy Falls link to Elowah Falls mini pic of McCord Creek
First seven falls are in order from west to east when using Corbett exit 22

link to Mist Falls link to Upper Horsetail link to Oneonta link to Triple Falls link to Wahclella link to Starvation Creek

link to Ruckel Creek link to Metlako link to Punchbowl Falls mini pic of Lower Punchbowl link to Loowit Falls mini pic of Upper Punchbowl

link to Dry Creek link to Nick Eaton Falls link to Pacific Crest link to Wiesendanger link to Ecola link to Upper Multnomah link to Mosier Creek link to Dutchman mini pic of Upper Dutchman

Effort Index
Effort - lightDistance < 300ft with little or no inclines
Effort - mildDistance > 300ft with some inclines
Effort - light workoutDistance < 0.5 mile with inclines
Effort - good workoutDistance > 0.5 mile with switchbacks
Effort - sore calf musclesYour calf muscles will curse you
Inclines = stairs or sloping terrain
Switchbacks = trail going one way then switching direction to go up/down a hill
(R) = Rest Area available
(P) = Picnic Area available
(F) = Food Services available

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/gorge.htm

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