Fun on Water - Pacific Northwest

Photographer: G. Price

Many creeks, rivers, waterfalls and lakes (plus, the ocean) are places to just get out there and enjoy the water.
This can be done in several ways: jet skiing, fishing, kayaking, white water rafting, speedboating, inner tubing, kitesurfing, et al.

The following pictures are a small sample of the water recreation possibilities in Oregon and Washington.

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Triangle Lake

Blue River Lake (Reservoir)

Umpqua River

Clackamas River / Cat Creek Falls

McKenzie River / Mason Creek Falls
How it is done 3.5MB

How it is not done 4.3MB

Keep your eyes closed

Leaburg Lake / Leaburg Dam

Hills Creek Lake

Dexter Reservoir

Row River / Wildwood Falls

Brice Creek / Zolotoy Falls

White Salmon River / Husum Falls

I'm feeling negative g's

Oregon Coast / Lincoln City

Oregon Coast / Newport

Oregon Coast / Florence

Oregon Coast / Reedsport