French Creek Falls'

Photographer: G. Price

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Viewpoint to: Southwest ... South ... Northeast ...

... and down the road

French Creek Falls' watershed is southeast of Salem.
French Creek Road GPS N44 44.426', W122 9.361', Elevation 1580 ft
Viewpoint GPS N44 46.057', W122 13.348', Elevation above sea level 3260 ft.
4th Falls GPS N44 45.891', W122 13.524', Elevation above sea level 3300 ft.


  1. On I-5 take Salem exit 253 (Hwy 22) and head east
  2. At milepost 49.8, and just before a bridge in a 40mph zone, turn left
    onto French Crk Rd aka Road 2223
  3. In 4.1 miles the road forks - take the left fork to continue on Road 2223
  4. In another 1.2 miles the viewpoint for the first 3 waterfalls is on the left side of the road
  5. Continue another 0.2 miles down the gravel road for the 4th waterfall
At the viewpoint, looking southwest, gives you first one on the left (viewing distance 1700 ft).
This waterfall is also the source for the 4th at roadside.
Turning slightly to the left look due south for the center picture (viewing distance 1300 ft).
Turning farther to the left (northeast) is the 3rd picture (viewing distance 1 mile).

Panoramic views: due south and northeast.

Watch out for northwestern garter snakes crawling on the gravel road.

In the area: Shrubby Penstemon (purple) & Small flowered Paintbrush (red)