Echo Creek Falls

falling into Abiqua Creek

Photographer: G. Price

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Photograph specifics: shutter 0.4S, ISO100, lens 64mm, aperture 20, polarizer, tripod

Echo Creek Falls is northeast of Salem, OR.
GPS N44 58.795', W122 39.071', Elevation above sea level 590 ft.

  1. On I-5 take Salem exit 256 (Market St. / Hwy 213)
  2. Head east on Market St. (note HWY 213 sign)
  3. At the second light turn left on Lancaster (HWY 213 sign).
  4. After 1.3 miles turn right on Silverton Road.
  5. In another 10 miles (while in Silverton) you will reach a three-way
    stop sign. Turn left to remain on HWY 213
  6. Turn left on 1st St.
  7. Turn right on Oak St. (HWY 213)
  8. In another 3 miles turn right onto Abiqua Road NE (not S. Abiqua Road)
  9. In another 6 miles you will reach a bridge - park at the wide spot on the SE corner
  10. Walk towards the bridge and to the left to find a path down to Abiqua Creek
  11. Waterfall is visible 100 feet up the bank towards the NW
A distant roadside view - when heading back towards HWY 213 - reveals the waterfall as a two-tier type.

Found this interesting gapped three-tier waterfall 1.8 miles further south on Abiqua Road NE.
GPS N44 57.775', W122 38.166', Elevation above sea level 750 ft.

No facilities at either waterfall.