Waterfalls - Eastern/Central Oregon

picture of Paulina Lake
Paulina Lake

Thumbnail images of the falls can be clicked to get directions/larger view

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link to Fall Creek link to Soda  Creek link to White River Bridge Creek link to Tumalo et al

link to Fall River link to McKay Creek link to Lower Paulina link to Paulina Creek

Effort Index
Effort - lightDistance < 300ft with little or no inclines
Effort - mildDistance > 300ft with some inclines
Effort - light workoutDistance < 0.5 mile with inclines
Effort - good workoutDistance > 0.5 mile with switchbacks
Inclines = stairs or sloping terrain
Switchbacks = trail going one way then switching direction to go up/down a hill

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/eastern.htm

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