Drift Creek Falls

on East Fork Drift Creek

Photographer: G. Price

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Photograph specifics: Macro; 1/200; aperture 4.5; ISO100; 31mm

Drift Creek Falls is a two-tier waterfall east of Salem, OR.
Possibility that this one is on private property.
GPS N44 53.804', W122 42.331', Elevation above sea level 1040 ft.

  1. On I-5 take Salem exit 253 (Hwy 22) and head east.
  2. Travel approximately 5 miles to Exit 7 - Hwy 214 exit.
  3. Turn left to go under overpass.
  4. After 4.2 miles on 214 you will reach a stop sign. Turn left to remain on 214.
  5. Count up an additional 6.3 miles (10.5 total).
  6. Turn left onto Drift Creek Road.
  7. In 2.0 miles note the road slightly dips. You've just crossed over the culvert
    for Drift Creek (a glance to the left while over the culvert will reveal Drift Creek's flow).
To find this waterfall I temporarily parked on the dead end road Frazer Rd SE.
This road is on the right just past the dip for the culvert. I walked back towards
the creek and noticed a mailbox. A dirt road goes from the mailbox and back
into some trees towards the right. The waterfall exists on the left side of the mailbox.
The terrain begins to immediately slope downwards on the left side of the mailbox.
Walked downwards on the slope of clumpy grasses towards the water to find
the waterfall. Although there is a possibility this area is private property, there
are no real indicators to that effect. There are no signs saying "no trespassing'" nor
"private property". There is no fence. Maybe the waterfall is in the public right-of-way.

URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/driftcrk.htm