Dougan Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Dougan Falls

Dougan Falls is east of Vancouver.

  1. Between mileposts 26 and 27 on HWY 14 turn North onto Salmon Falls Road
  2. In about 2 mile turn right onto Washougal River Road
  3. Another 5 miles Dougan Falls will be visible from a bridge
I saw a sign on the other side of the road that said "Picnic".
You pass a fish hatchery about 1 miles back from the falls.

On Salmon Falls Road - at the junction with Washougal River Road -
there is a bridge. Salmon Falls is on the north side of the bridge.
It is not very photogenic - plus, the only way to see it is to park
on a wide spot on the other side of the road and walk up to the bridge.
There is no walking path - just a fogline on the road near the bridge -
making it unsafe to view.