Dinner Crk & Cat Crk Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Roadside waterfall at Dinner Creek (left) & Cat Creek Falls
Photograph specifics - Dinner Creek: 0.3S, ISO100, lens 18mm, aperture 22, tripod, polarizer
Photograph specifics - Cat Creek: sports, 1/250, ISO400, lens 125mm, aperture 4.5

Dinner Creek & Cat Creek Falls are south of Mt. Hood.

Dinner Creek Falls - GPS 45 8.298' N, 122 4.985' W; Elevation above sea level 1200 ft.
Cat Creek Falls - GPS 45 8.156' N, 122 4.944' W; Elevation above sea level 1100 ft.
Deer Creek Falls - GPS 45 8' N, 122 4.58' W

  1. From HWY 212 (Portland area) connect to HWY 224 and head southeast to Estacada
  2. Or, from Woodburn head northeast on HWY 211 and follow all signs for Estacada
  3. At junction of 211 and 224 in Estacada continue southeast on HWY 224
  4. Before milepost 44 (about 20 miles from 211/224 junction) note a wide
    gravel area on the left (east) side of the road and park there
  5. Dinner Creek Falls is right next to the gravel area
  6. Viewpoint for Cat Creek Falls - as it drains into the other side of the Clackamas River -
    is at the widespot at the MP44 sign (walk up the slight hill near the guardrail)
The rafters on the Clackamas River - pictured below - passed by Cat Creek Falls just after I took its picture.

Various campsites are nearby.
Three Lynx Creek Falls is nearby.

As reference I include Deer Creek Falls. It is appr. 0.4 miles south of Dinner Ck Falls. It is only visible while
driving past it on the roadside. There is no place to stop and view it safely. If you've ever driven past it and wondered
if it had a name, now you know.

URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/dinnerck.htm