Surprise, Columnar and Thorn Prairie Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Surprise Falls

Columnar Falls

Thorn Prairie Falls

Surprise, Columnar and Thorn Prairie Falls are east of Roseburg on the way to Diamond Lake.
Surprise Falls appears below and to the left of the path. Columnar Falls has
columns of rock with the water appearing and disappearing from view
- you're actually walking in its flow at the bottom. Thorn Prairie Falls is a short
distance further east and has a bridge in front of it to cross over its flow.
Thorn Prairie Falls is named for the nearest geographical feature.
None of these three waterfalls appear to have an identifiable creek sourcing them on topo maps.

Directions (first four steps get you to Toketee Falls):
  1. On I-5 take Roseburg exit 124.
  2. Follow signs in Roseburg leading to Hwy 138 East.
  3. At milepost 59 (mileage from I-5 junction with 138E) turn left
    onto Forest Road #34 (aka Toketee/Rigdon Road). Reset trip odometer.
  4. In 0.2 miles note entrance at left for Toketee Falls.
  5. Continue past the Toketee entrance an additional 2.2 miles (total 2.4).
  6. Turn right at gravel road #3401 per picture below. Be weary of numerous potholes.

Travel 2.0 miles on FR3401 and turn left into a parking area.
Near the vault toilet a small path rises up and meets the road again.
Walking along the left side of the road for about 100 feet look for an unmarked path
that goes back down to the left. This path will first lead to Surprise Falls in less than 1/2 mile.

Note: The Umpqua Hot Springs across the bridge at the rest area has nude bathing.