Clarence Creek Falls

Photographer: G. Price

back to waterfalls - HWY 101

Views of the middle and upper tiers of the falls.

Clarence Creek Falls is south of Tillamook.

GPS N45 15.835', W123 38.434', Elevation above sea level 900 ft.
  1. On Hwy 101 south of Tillamook enter the town of Beaver.
  2. Near milepost 80 turn onto the road signed as "Upper Nestucca River Recreation Area" and "Blaine".
    Note the mileposts on this road as you travel.
  3. After 6.7 miles you'll reach the town of Blaine. Where the road branches
    note the sign stating "Carlton". Head straight towards Carlton on Road 858.
  4. At milepost 11.7 look for a left turn on a road with a "Road Closed" sign.
    You will note the following sign for Road 8300.

  5. Drive up 0.4 miles to the area where the road is closed and view the landslide below

  6. I've put a possible trail to take to get back up to the road within the picture
  7. Once back on the road the trail to the falls is 0.5 miles further
Once at the falls one can get right up next to the flow.

Be weary of digitalis on the trail. If you come in contact make sure
you wash your hands before eating anything by hand.

Pheasant Creek Falls' are nearby.