Big Cliff Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Month: February

This is not an official waterfall. There is no creek source on my topographical map.
However, every time I drive by it in the early months of the year it seems to have a flow.
A peak with an elevation of 4300 feet sources this seasonal waterfall.
With no creek to give it a name I used the nearest geographical feature - the nearby dam.
GPS N44 45.1', W122 17', Elevation above sea level 1200 ft.
  1. On I-5 take Salem exit 253 (Hwy 22) and head east
  2. 0.1 miles before milepost 40 you will see this waterfall in the same area
    as Big Cliff Dam. The waterfall has a metal grating on the north side of Hwy 22.
This cataract is what I would consider a 'drive-by' waterfall.
There is no real place to get out and see it.
It is only seen when you are passing it by on your way to other sites.
But, since it seems to be there most of the time I felt compelled to include it.
A view as you approach it is below.
Flow is seasonal.

This waterfall is near Sardine Creek Falls