Beaver Creek Falls in Autumn

Photographer / Videographer: G. Price

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GPS - Trail start, 180m el.

Beaver Creek left - Sweet Creek right, March 4MB 480p 10 sec

Beaver Creek west viewpoint

Beaver Creek in Autumn

side view of Beaver Creek

trees near Beaver Creek

creek to the right of Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Falls is south of Mapleton.

There are two ways to reach the falls - west and east viewpoints.

Common directions:
From Eugene head west on Hwy 126. When nearing Mapleton there will
be a bridge. Before crossing the bridge there will be a road off to the left.
That will be Sweet Creek Road. If coming from Florence pass through
Mapleton and make a right turn to go over the bridge. Make a right turn after
the bridge onto Sweet Creek Road.

Directions to West viewpoint:
  1. Follow Sweet Creek Road for 11.5 miles and park on the left at the Wagon Road Trailhead.
  2. Walk back over the bridge and locate the trail seen in the picture.
  3. In 0.5 miles the falls will be in view. Beaver Creek Falls is on the left with Sweet Creek Falls merging on the right.
From the west viewpoint you can see the guardrail on the other side of the creek for the east viewpoint.

Directions to East viewpoint:
  1. Follow Sweet Creek Road for 11.6 miles (0.1 mile past Wagon Road Trailhead).
  2. Turn left onto Forest Road 939 as indicated by a marker on the left (first picture lower left).
  3. Follow this gravel road for 0.5 miles.
  4. Park past the sign (second picture lower right) at the widened area at the end near a closed gate.
  5. Hike back a short distance on the gravel road to the trail start (bottom picture).
The trail is short and fairly easy with very little rise and fall in elevation.