Kayaker on Blue River Lake - before Blue River flows into the McKenzie River

Blue River Falls - and some really cool Butterflies

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Blue River Falls, upper left, 460m el.

GPS - Blue River Falls, upper right, 540m el.

Photograph specifics:
April - 0.6S, ISO100, lens 30mm, aperture 22, tripod, polarizer
April - 1.3S, ISO100, lens 135mm, aperture 29, tripod, polarizer

Blue River Fall's are east of Springfield.
All of the tributaries listed below flow into the Blue River - and then into the Blue River Reservoir
Directions: Neither of the two above have an identifiable creek on a topographical map.
The second falls has a wide and long drop - it is listed somewhere (tentative name E. Flunky Falls).

To reach the third falls in this group drive up Road 15 for a total of 8.2 miles
and note the intersection below:

Continue down Road 15 a short distance and find a wide spot on the right to park.
Walk back to the junction and walk up West Quentin Road (FR 1513) for a mile to
GPS coordinates 44.26918,-122.22023, Elevation above sea level 700m.
Rate of rise is 440 feet in that mile walk.

You'll find this seasonal slide fall (Note: a 4WD may be able to go up this road).

There is also no identifiable creek sourcing this fall.

Nature Sights:
Found this reddish butterfly sitting right on Forest Road 15 near where the second falls above occurs.
Determined it is a Mourning Cloak Butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) that was sunning itself on the road.
Had to use long telephoto due to it being very flighty.

Photograph specifics:
1st - Sports mode 1/1600S, ISO400, lens 200mm, aperture 6.3
2nd - Sports mode 1/1600S, ISO400, lens 120mm, aperture 7.1

Later in the day I found a large group of small bluish butterflies fluttering at ground level.
I believe they are Spring Azure's or a similar variety. They move so fast I was unable to see
the markings on the underside of their wings to be certain of their type.

Photograph specifics:
Sports mode 1/640S, ISO400, lens 55mm, aperture 5.6

Where Tidbits Creek joins with FR15 I snapped this picture of a Snowberry Checkerspot.

Photograph specifics:
Macro mode 1/800s, ISO100, lens 120mm, aperture 5.6

There are many places for camping along the paved and unpaved sections.
There is fishing, boating and kayaking at Blue River Lake.
A boat ramp is near milepost 4. Day use fee of $6.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/b-river.htm