Kayaker on Blue River Lake - before Blue River flows into the McKenzie River

Blue River Falls - and some really cool Butterflies

Photographer: G. Price

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Photograph specifics:
April - 0.6S, ISO100, lens 30mm, aperture 22, tripod, polarizer
April - 1.3S, ISO100, lens 135mm, aperture 29, tripod, polarizer

Blue River Fall's are east of Springfield.
All of the tributaries listed below flow into the Blue River - and then into the Blue River Reservoir
Upper left falls: GPS N44 13.927', W122 15.01', Elevation above sea level 1500 ft. (source 4000 ft.)
Upper right falls: GPS N44 15.191', W122 13.83', Elevation above sea level 1765 ft. (source 3100 ft.)

Directions: Neither of the two above have an identifiable creek on a topographical map.
The second falls has a wide and long drop - it is listed somewhere (tentative name E. Flunky Falls).

To reach the third falls in this group drive up Road 15 for a total of 8.2 miles
and note the intersection below:

Continue down Road 15 a short distance and find a wide spot on the right to park.
Walk back to the junction and walk up West Quentin Road (FR 1513) for a mile to
GPS coordinates N44 16.151', W122 13.214', Elevation above sea level 2300 ft.
Rate of rise is 440 feet in that mile walk.

You'll find this seasonal slide fall (Note: a 4WD may be able to go up this road).

There is also no identifiable creek sourcing this fall.

Nature Sights:
Found this reddish butterfly sitting right on Forest Road 15 near where the second falls above occurs.
Determined it is a Mourning Cloak Butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) that was sunning itself on the road.
Had to use long telephoto due to it being very flighty.

Photograph specifics:
1st - Sports mode 1/1600S, ISO400, lens 200mm, aperture 6.3
2nd - Sports mode 1/1600S, ISO400, lens 120mm, aperture 7.1

Later in the day I found a large group of small bluish butterflies fluttering at ground level.
I believe they are Spring Azure's or a similar variety. They move so fast I was unable to see
the markings on the underside of their wings to be certain of their type.

Photograph specifics:
Sports mode 1/640S, ISO400, lens 55mm, aperture 5.6

Where Tidbits Creek joins with FR15 I snapped this picture of a Snowberry Checkerspot.

Photograph specifics:
Macro mode 1/800s, ISO100, lens 120mm, aperture 5.6

There are many places for camping along the paved and unpaved sections.
There is fishing, boating and kayaking at Blue River Lake.
A boat ramp is near milepost 4. Day use fee of $6.

URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/b-river.htm